Five Hair Habits of Boho Babes

Are you a Boho Babe? Here are five ways to achieve a boho chic style with an easygoing routine that will keep you looking vivacious and lighthearted.


Boho chic styles are inspired by artists, hippies, and bohemian creatives. Boho style embodies a carefree, wear what you want, be who you are kind of vibe. That’s why so many people are drawn to the (almost) effortless look of the Boho Babe.

You can pull it off too! Long hair or short, upstyled or worn down, here are some tips to help you create your own boho look with five easy habits.

Start with natural origin hair products


Boho babes take a note from the hippie generation and select their products based on both performance and natural ingredients. Go against the norm and choose products that match your lifestyle. Be free of harsh chemicals and choose healthy alternatives whenever possible. This is a great tip for the rest of your life too!

Natural Origin Shampoo and Conditioner


Biolage RAW Uplift shampoo and conditioner is a great choice for fine or limp hair, or for any texture looking for more volume.

Air Dry for Natural Texture

Give your locks a rest and opt for natural drying techniques. Use damp setting techniques to add waves and texture naturally. Choose the right styling products to add texture, light volume, and define shapes.

Twist and scrunch to activate natural waves and curls


Are you lucky enough to have naturally textured hair? If so, this look was made for you! Add an air dry product like Matrix Style Link Wild Boho, or Biolage Air Dry Glotion, scrunch and twist, and let your locks dry naturally. If you need a little help, or if it’s winter and you don’t want to go out damp, make friends with your blow dryer diffuser on low.

Pin curl, braid, or coil overnight

If you need a little extra help getting your hair to hold a wave pattern, consider pin curling your damp (not wet) hair, braiding, or coiling small sections, wrapping with a silk scarf, and sleeping on it overnight. If you still have a few damp spots in the morning, set them with your blow dryer diffuser set to low.

Biolage RAW styling products

Before you set your hair, add texture and style memory with Biolage RAW Bodifying Styling Jelly. To lighten the hold, cocktail with a few drops of Biolage RAW Smoothing Styling Milk. Work through damp hair before setting or scrunching.

Add some easy curls or texture spray

Sometimes all a wavy hairstyle needs is a little touch up with a curling wand to perfect that beachy look. The trick is to keep the sections and the wrapping techniques slightly uneven so the shape of the curls don’t become too uniform.

Wrap loosely on a wand, leaving out the ends


Lift random strands of hair that could use a little definition, and wrap loosely on a curling wand set on low to medium heat. The point here is to add some movement and body, not a fully defined curl. Take some large sections and some smaller sections, and shake the curls out lightly to incorporate into the rest of your hair. I recommend adding a little extra curl around the face for volume and definition.

Add product and scrunch lightly to create volume and texture

Lift sections of your hair, then spray with a texturizing product such as Biolage RAW Texturizing Spray. This texturizing spray uses Matcha Green Tea as its texture ingredient instead of salt, so your strands aren’t left dry or overly gritty. Manipulate your strands with your palms and avoid combing through curls, even with your fingers, to prevent limp curls or frizz.

Keep it feeling free

Aim for that “breeze in your hair” look by keeping your hair down and loose. If you wear your hair up, leave softness and volume, and separate out single strands around the edges and curl slightly to add interest and definition.

Adorn your style

Nothing elevates a boho look more than a chic accessory. Find something sparkly to add a little finesse to your natural look, or let nature influence you and add a flower crown to your style. If you’re in the sun and want to protect that beautiful skin of yours, why not add a wide brimmed hat? There’s so many ways to accessorize a boho chic style! Here’s a few:



Flower crowns


Feel like trying these techniques on your own hair? Take a photo and tag me in your post or story on Instagram with your beautiful boho creations! You can find me here: @meganlacore.