Getting Started Making Videos: Thumbnails and Storyboards

Creating videos can be a little intimidating at first, but I've got some great tips and tricks to help you plan ideas for your next video series.

Use thumbnails and storyboards to help you lay out your ideas. Use thumbnails like thumbnail sketches in art to get all your ideas out on one paper. Then, take your favorite, and elaborate that idea on a second thumbnail sheet by writing out more ideas that go along with your theme. This gives you a series of videos to work on, all in just a few quick minutes. Next, choose your favorite video from the series, and break it down in a little more detail in your storyboard. Use the squares to draw out simplified scenes, utilizing arrows and camera directions. Write in more detail on the lines to clarify what you're looking for. This gives clear directions to your team, or even just for yourself, so you can make sure you get the scenes you need for your video. That way you get what you need and don't waste time and resources on scenes you won't need.

View the second video above to learn how to use the thumbnail and storyboard templates. I use a video I created as an example. You can see the finished concept HERE if you'd like to compare notes.

Want to try it yourself?

Click HERE to be taken to the thumbnail and storyboard template downloads